The Nefertiti Lift

Mar 16 , 2023

The Nefertiti Lift

The Nefertiti Lift is a popular non-surgical treatment designed to improve the appearance of the neck and jawline. Named after the ancient Egyptian queen renowned for her elegant, elongated neck, the Nefertiti Lift involves the use of Plastysmal band injections to smooth and contour the skin in the neck and jawline area.

At JS Aesthetics, we understand that many of our patients are interested in this treatment but may not be familiar with the details or how it can benefit them. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into the Nefertiti Lift, explaining what it is, how it works, and how we can help you achieve the best results.

What is the Nefertiti Lift?

The Nefertiti Lift is a non-surgical treatment that involves injections into the platysma muscle in the neck. The platysma muscle is responsible for pulling down the lower face, creating sagging jowls, and the appearance of a "turkey neck."

By injecting into the platysma muscle, we can relax it and prevent it from pulling down the lower face. This creates a lifting effect, tightening the skin and smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines in the neck and jawline area. The result is a more defined and contoured jawline, a smoother neck, and a more youthful appearance.

How does the Nefertiti Lift work?

The Nefertiti Lift works by relaxing the platysma muscle, which causes the neck and jawline to sag. By injecting into this muscle, we can prevent it from pulling down the lower face, creating a lifting effect. This, in turn, tightens the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the neck and jawline area.

The treatment is quick and relatively painless, with most patients experiencing little to no discomfort. The effects of the Nefertiti Lift typically last for three to four months, after which time you may need to return for another treatment to maintain the results.

How can JS Aesthetics help?

At JS Aesthetics, we offer a range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including the Nefertiti Lift. Our experienced team of medical professionals will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

We use only the highest quality products, ensuring that you achieve the best possible results from your Nefertiti Lift treatment. Our team is committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and professional environment, where you can relax and feel confident in the care you are receiving.

If you're interested in learning more about the Nefertiti Lift or any of our other treatments, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you get started on your journey to a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance.